Website Analysis

Website analysis is the primary function of an effective SEO Services providing company in Pune. In order to accurately engage SEO operations, we gather and analyze various website related information such as overall size of the site in pages, in-depth website reviewing, website comparison with competitors etc. which helps us to plan detailed SEO strategies including Keyword Research, Optimisation of Title and Meta tags and Keywords Implementation Determination.

Technical Preparation

Websites should meet various technical prerequisites so as to ensure that it is rich with user experience and that search engines are able to effectively crawl contents of the website. Imperative tools such as Google Analytics and Proprietary Applications are accessed by our SEO Professionals while evaluating the performances of page size and load times of your website. Dreams Digital, an online marketing company which provides SEO Services in Pune, conducts several scrutiny steps including treating broken links, error codes and appropriate error messages

On Page Optimization

A variety of tasks are performed on the website in On Page Optimization. Revision and scrutiny of content keyword density, internal link structure and duplication of content are implemented to ensure that the website content is accurately indexed, keywords are effectively generated and H1 and H2 tags are used so that website ranking in Google and other Search Engines are significant and optimum. We also make changes in the website content to maintain high integrity and to further optimize the ranking

Off Page Optimization

Strategies of SEO also takes place outside the website domain, relatively known as off page optimization. Here, the creation and maintenance of optimization happen beyond the domain that includes submission of website to significant directories, social bookmarking websites and bookmarking other sources of data. We also use other practices to build relevant content and incoming links to your website from third-party sources. The link building creation and promotional practices improve your rankings in search engines.

Submission Reports

We try to involve our clients in our SEO projects so that they understand the nuances of their website’s SEO initiative progress. We create different reports for different analysis including specific phrase website ranking, directory submission efforts, link building efforts and reports on increase and decrease of ranking analysis. All these reports help us evaluate our operation in improving your website ranking in the search engine.


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